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What are Boards?

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About Boards

Boards are the BubblesPlanner implementation of a project, comprising all the tasks required to complete the project. Boards can be shared with any individual (invited user) who may have an interest in following the project. 


Board can be shared among multiple users.  But, a Board itself cannot be assigned to any person. 

Boards can be added to the task or tasks can be added to the Board. 

The beauty of Boards its flexibility. In BubblesPlanner same task can be added to multiple Boards at the same time. It is just as easy to add or remove the Board from the task. It can be done from the task or the Board itself. 




How to use Boards

Use Boards to organize all related Tasks in one spot. Just like any project management software it allows users to group related tasks, Boards also provide added flexibility of multi-way relationships: the same task or post can be visible in multiple Boards. 

Board projects could be related to work, home, social, travel, school, and any effort you undertake that require multiple tasks.

In the Board’s view, all the Tasks are grouped together and can be worked on individually. A variety of options are available to customize the view within a Board, allowing for adaptation to the user’s preferred style of work.


Board tabs menu

There are three tabs that break down board by its type:

  • “My boards” – shows all my boards that I created
  • “Shared boards” – someone else boards shared with me
  • “My collections” – boards that are turned into the publicly shared boards (“Collections”).  They are the part of My board’s menu.




Board details

  1. Board name
  2. Board description
  3. Board representing image
  4. Board owner
  5. Number of tasks(posts) in the Board
  6. Go to Board icon



Inside the Board

Go to inside the Board to explore its elements:

  1. Board ID (systematic) – only for user reference
  2. Board name. Edit name here by clicking on it.
  3. Board menu options:  make Favorite or Unfavorite and Archive
  4. Description (what this board is for?)
  5. Sharing button with other users.
  6. Section of tasks in the Board
  7. Section of Visual Board layout
  8. Section of Collection sharing controls.