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Team settings

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Team space is a good way to create a separate independent space from your personal tasks.

First, team space must be created before other users can be added to it.

Pop up “Create team” will open by clicking on “Create new team” button.

User can provide team name and select a color for team (icon).


Team members are invited first and after the owner of the account can manage team members access to different team spaces.


Team spaces are managed using Team icon in the upper bar menu on the right side.



Teams have their own settings which must be managed separately from personal settings.


Once you create a team(s), you will want to go to the Team settings section. You access it by clicking on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the app’s header and select Team Settings.

You will find the following menu options:

  • Team members – This is the Team equivalent of the Users page under Personal settings.
  • Notifications – This is the Team equivalent of the Notifications page under Personal settings.
  • Organizational labels – This is the Team equivalent of the Organizational labels page under Personal settings. There is one exception, there are no default System labels in Team space.
  • Contextual stickers  – This is the Team equivalent of the Contextual stickers page under Personal settings.

You will note that nothing in settings is inherited from your Personal settings because each Team is an independent and unique space.