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About references

You can link tasks by creating references between them. The intention here is twofold:

  • avoid duplication of effort and the creation of unnecessary tasks or posts
  • have quick access to stored information. The same┬átask or post can be referenced in an unlimited number of other tasks (posts)

For example, you might have a task to review all sales proposal documents with Legal before sending them to management for pricing. As you develop a project with a customer, you can link the proposal development task for that to the task for Legal review and a task for management pricing.

This is an excellent tool for creating standard, administrative, and process-oriented tasks that apply to a variety of situations. You can fully develop these everyday tasks, add and update content and reference materials, and link them to other tasks when necessary. By eliminating the need to recreate these types of tasks repeatedly, you become more efficient and free up hours you can use completing other tasks.

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