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What are the Labels?

Labels are the BubblesPlanner implementation of file folders in the sense that they allow you to group related tasks and posts together.

Labels provide three distinct features to help your organizational efforts. Those are; an ID number, a name, and a color. The ID number helps you identify related tasks. It consists of a letter chosen by a user and followed by a two-digit number generated by the system. The user provides the label’s name and color. 

Detailed information about label creation is described in Settings.

How do users benefit from using Labels? Labels categorize the tasks by the color of the bubble displayed in the BubblesPlanner View. 

Tip: If you want or need to have hard copies of anything related to a particular Label, consider replicating the Label features in your physical filing system. The folder can show the ID, Description, and any piece of information that goes into that file can be given the ID number. Think of how this will simplify keeping physical documents and other information organized and easily accessible.

Note: Labels are required in the BubblesPlanner organizational task system. They do not have to be created upfront, but it is highly recommended that you take your time and setup your own labeling org structure. 



Creating a label with a new task

When you create a new task label is already assigned by default – “General”.  You are free to change it.



Changing label

Clicking on button Change – you can select a different label:


Or, you can change label any time in the existing task.


Tasks view:


Planner view:



Here are some examples of high-level labels:

  • Homework
  • Project A
  • Hobby
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Learning
  • Book reading
  • Blogging work