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Overview tasks view

The header for the BubblesPlanner app and a description of its links and functionality are detailed below.


Here is the function for each item:

  1. Click here to return to the Task View from any other location. You can also use the back arrow in your browser to navigate within the app.
  2. Click on the Support icon when you want to report an issue.
  3. The search field for the app. Search by anything.
  4. The task timer to use with the tasks (Pomodoro)
  5. Notification icon showing new alerts and app activity timeline. Find access to the Notifications page by clicking on this icon.
  6. Team spaces selection.  By default – personal space is for all your personal tasks. Other spaces are for the Team spaces which you create to separate from personal space and for the team spaces where you were invited.  You only can create additional Team space if you are an owner of the Business account.
  7. Additional menu link next to the user avatar. There is a drop-down to select Personal settings, Team settings, Bookmarks manager, and log out.





  • Click on the Personal settings link, and you will go to the Settings page.
  • Click on the Bookmarks manager link, and it will open you a brand new tab (Google chrome) with the Bookmarks manager view (if you install Chrome extension).
  • Click log out and? You guessed it! You log out of the app.


Notifications page

If you were invited by another user to team up – you will receive in-app notification.

Clicking on the link “See all incoming activity” you can go to Activity page for all notifications.



There are many notifications can be found on the Activity page: