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What is special in Daily view

The Daily view looks like a hybrid of a daily calendar and bubbles view.

Tasks = bubbles. They are in daily buckets. Each daily bucket is like a container for bubbles that have that due date. Each bubble (task) has specific coordinates inside of each daily container. Users can move them around and align them as they wish to reflect task importance or priority.

Daily view is fixed to 7-days.

Tasks (bubbles) can be moved freely (by drag-and-drop) inside the daily bucket, but cannot be “dragged” to another day.

If you want to move task (bubble) to a different day – you must edit its Due date:

  • Double-click on the bubble to open Right Panel
  • Change Due date


View & edit task details




Reference material (posts)

The Reference section is on the bottom of Daily view page. It is made up of Posts (non-plannable tasks).

As you are already aware that Posts – are tasks that have no Due date and contain some information that is useful – docs, special notes, PDF file, images etc…


The idea of the Reference material section coming from the practical stand-point: you may have hundreds or even thousands of posts, but not all posts should be there. Only posts that you want to bring in at this moment to have it handy now for some relatively short time (1-3 weeks).

Any post can be turned ON or OFF for Reference in the Daily view. Here is how to add or remove posts in Reference from the task Right Panel:



Full Referenced posts view:



Adding posts to Reference: