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Creating task or post

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Create a task from Tasks view

Within your workspace, click the Create Task button to open the Create Task pop up. 

This opens the Create Task dialog as shown. 


Note: it requires only a Title. Bubbles Planner will not create a Task without a Title.

By default – current today’s date will be filled in as a Due date. You can change Due date to the desired date by clicking on the date field. 


Populate additional info:

2. To add task description, click “+ Add description”

3. Select due date clicking on the date field


4. By default – label “Reference” will be assigned by the system. But, you can change the label to the desired by clicking on the button “Change”. Select the desired Label from the list. Click Accept. Learn about labels and how to create them in the Organization section tutorials.


Note:  Labels are always present in tasks or posts.

5. Set a Level of Effort. Effort levels are subjective and they are simple: they are represented by numbers on the scale from 1 to 9. The higher numbers mean more effort. 


  1. Click Accept.

Tip:         Keep the Title fairly short as the system truncates longer names. Use the Description field to add more detail.

Differences between a Task and Post

The single most important difference between a Task and a Post is that a Post has no due date associated with it. In other words, it is not time bound. Think of a Post as a place to capture thoughts, reference materials, pictures, and other content relating to a particular topic that has no immediate reference to a Task. It contains things you do not want to lose.

For example, while researching for a particular Task, you come across a resource that might be useful in the future. Capturing it to a Post is an ideal means of having it available when it is needed.

More notes:

To create a Post rather than a Task, simply select the “Post” option from the drop-down menu and continue with the remaining steps.The system has two default Labels – Reference and General. If no Label is selected, the system uses Reference.

It applies the color selected for the Label to the Bubble in the Planner view.

The Level of Effort determines the size of the Bubble in the Planner view.


The task can also be created from the Planner view.


Create a task from Planner view

Bubbles Planner allows users to create tasks from the Planner view. To launch the task or post creation dialog from the views, follow the same steps after clicking on “Create new” button: