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Complete or delete task

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The goal of BubblesPlanner is to help users manage large numbers of tasks, Subtasks, and other activities efficiently. 

Note: In the personal space only the individual that created the task/post may mark it as Complete. Users that have tasks assigned to them cannot take this action. They must inform the creator/owner of the task to do so once they complete the work associated with the task.

Note: Personal space is managed in a Professional price plan.  Team spaces are in Business plan.  In team spaces, all users have equal rights and manage tasks as a team. 


From Tasks page (individually)

To Complete a task/post in the main Task page view, follow these steps:

  1. In the main task/post view, find the task/post that you want to complete
  2. Click the task to open Right Panel
  3. Click Complete icon in the upper right corner




From Tasks page (Mass)

To complete one or many tasks in the main Task page view, follow these steps:

  1. In the main task/post view, hover over the task numbered circle (effort cirlce) that you want to complete
  2. Select checkmark one or multiple tasks. You can select all by clicking on option 2. 
  3. Clicking on the complete icon on the upper taskbar you can complete multiple tasks/posts at the same time.



From Full task view

You can also complete a task from the full-screen view. To access this view, click the full view icon in the right panel.




Note: Once a task is completed, the system removes it from the active list by default. You can always show completed tasks/posts by going to the Settings Menu, General, and moving the slider to Show Completed tasks/posts. These will be displayed with their text crossed through and the task’s row in task view shaded gray.

Note: To remove a task/post from Completed status, display it then click the Activate link as shown in the outlined box above.


Delete a task/post

Select Configuration icon in Right Panel view and click on Delete option


Select Configuration icon in full view and click on Delete option


Select Delete icon in upper taskbar view and click on it:


Note: Deleting a task/post is irreversible so delete carefully!