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Messaging in Tasks


Recognizing that teams working on projects are often widely scattered, BubblesPlanner incorporates a Chat function so that individuals can reach out to someone while working to complete a task. This integration retains the Chat contents within the task just like other content to capture that piece of information along with all the other data and content related to the task’s completion.

Chat in task Right Panel

Anyone who related to the task, whether the owner, assigned individual or invited users will see the Chat and may respond to it.

To start a Chat session from inside a task, follow these steps:

  • Open task Right Panel
  • Click on the Chat icon




Chat in task full view



In the Chat Dialog

You have these options:

    1. Chat task content
    2. Attach a document to the chat
    3. Chat filter by image attached
    4. Expand/minimize the chat window
    5. Close chat window