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About Boards

Boards are the projects where multiple tasks and posts brought together to represent the efforts going into completing a project or significant undertaking of some sort.

They are made to be simple and flexible in BubblesPlanner. While tasks grouped into the project Board have due dates and assigned users, Boards are serving as a container for holding them together.

Note: The same task can belong to multiple (unlimited) number of Boards.

Boards provide a convenient way to bring many tasks, posts, and related content together, so people involved with the tasks can find everything in a single location. Rather than using the robust search capability of the app, you and those you share the contents with (see more in Users & Sharing section) open the Board and locate the desired tasks or material within a much smaller slice of your project and task management work.

Only people you have shared the Board with can view (read-only) the Board and its contents. As the owner of the Board, only you can see organizational information and only you can make certain changes. Users with assigned tasks can edit their assigned tasks but not to any other parts of the Board. 

BubblesPlanner has these restrictions to enforce data integrity and prevent either accidental or purposeful changes by anyone other than those you want to have that capability.