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Add task/post content

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Add task (post) content

A key feature of BubblesPlanner is the ability to include a rich mixture of content with each individual task or post. This content can include:

  • Notes (rich text format)
  • Pictures, screenshots, diagrams
  • Documents (any format)
  • Weblinks
  • Website captures (text captured using browser extension)
  • Action Notes

Why is this capability important? When users work on a task, they will frequently research various sources for information needed to complete it. These sources may be internal or external. BubblesPlanner allows users to store task-specific content with the task itself rather than in another location. Co-locating content with the task:

  • It helps ensure content is not “lost” in another filing location.
  • Saves time searching for or creating locations to save content outside Bubbles Planner.
  • It provides the efficiency of working within a single app versus two, or more.
  • Allows immediate access to content whenever needed.
  • Forms the basis for building a Collection for other uses (see the section on Collections).


Adding a Note

To add a Note to a task, follow these steps:

  1. From the Task View, click on the task as shown below to open the Right Panel.
  2. Click on the Notes Tab.
  3. Click within the space below the tab and start typing.
  4. Format your text, if desired.
  5. Click Save.



Tip: You can also copy and paste the content into the dialog box, but it may be better to use the Attachment feature for full documents.

Note: We have a free Chrome extension to simplify capturing research and references from the internet. That detail shows up under the Notes and Attachments tabs.


Notes in full task view

Write notes in full task view.


Or even expand the screen for writing rich format notes.