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Quick notes

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About quick notes

Quick notes are used to communicate high-level information about the task.

Quick notes are short comments that you need to capture on the task and have it readily available at your fingertips. People develop their own techniques for this, and you may have your own. 

Suggested use of quick notes:

  • Status updates
  • Additional information (important)
  • High-level task info
  • Follow-up or task next step
  • Waiting for info


Note: Quick notes will not be visible inside the Notes portion of the task.

They are visible in a pop-up that can be open in 3 places below.


Quick notes in Tasks page

Clicking on the task or on 3-dot task menu in Tasks opens a pop-up window.



Quick notes in Full task view

These Notes work in the same way as the Quick Schedule feature, reducing time lost from switching within an app or to another one, and then coming back to where you were.



Quick notes in Planner

Quick notes are also visible in the Planner view.  By right-clicking on the task or bubble – you can open pop-up containing quick note.