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Importance of Planning Horizon

Looking out too far into the future can be distracting to people with many Tasks to manage. Traditional project management programs can seem overwhelming with their displays of all the Tasks associated with that project. It is easy, and even tempting, to scan the list of Tasks and tackle those that seem easier or the first one to come under your radar. This can lead to inefficient prioritization of efforts, especially if more important tasks are still incomplete. 


BubblesPlanner limits the planning view to the current (MOST IMPORTANT) and 2 more subsequent weeks. Looking much beyond three weeks can create the issues noted above. The BubblesPlanner system sorts Tasks according to their due dates and automatically advances them into the proper “planning bucket,” ensuring that nothing is overlooked and that the user does not need to advance Tasks manually. The current week contains not only tasks with due dates this week but also past due tasks. 

Users can look beyond two weeks if they want or need too. That capability is described further in this section. Because the system takes the worry out of Tasks slipping between the cracks, once users become accustomed to the planning horizon in BubblesPlanner, they will find it less and less necessary to look that far ahead.


We cover here more about the Due dates topic. However, as a recap, BubblesPlanner allows users to decide if their Task will be due by:

  • This week 
  • Next week – one week away
  • Week after – two weeks away
  • Within the next few weeks or months – Backlog (only represented in tab “Everything”)
  • Someday – no particular date but don’t want to forget it
  • Posts – not date bound




In the parlance of BubblesPlanner, these are the “buckets” in which all tasks are sorted. The system presents the Tasks based on the date as described above.

Planner view

The Planner has 3 tabs that are self-explanatory:

Every tab view has a button to create a task.




Preview and edit tasks

In the Planner, you can create tasks just like in the Tasks page by clicking on “+Create task” button.

Double-click – will open task Right Panel for task editing.



Right mouse click – will open task Quick Note.