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Organizational overview

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BubblesPlanner is designed to help you organize your tasks using proven time management techniques to improve the efficiency of task and project completion. It starts with the task, the most granular element of the app. A variety of organizational tools are available to assign the amount of effort and value of the task, along with the ability to create visual cues that simplify the prioritization of tasks on several criteria.

Related tasks can be aggregated into Boards to create a project. The same task can be visible in multiple Boards (projects). 

BubblesPlanner allows the assignment of a task to a single person only.

The app also supports sharing tasks and Boards with a broader number of people to help keep interested individuals and groups informed over the progress of task and project completion.

The most unique component of the app organization is the Planner View. In Planner you can use select to use one of many planning management techniques; Freestyle, Kanban +, Matrix, and Combo. When one of these techniques is selected, the related planning grid is displayed in the BubblesPlanner View, allowing you to place each task’s bubble where you want it following the planning technique’s guidelines. The result is a simple visualization of what needs to be done in what order.

The Planner view deserves its own section which has a complete overview of its functionality.


In this section we will discuss the following organizational components:

  • Organizational overview
  • Labels
  • Effort levels
  • Contextual Stickers
  • Due dates
  • Boards 
  • Quick Notes
  • Tags
  • Reference to other tasks


BubblesPlanner organization allows provides you with the ability to tame your task management responsibilities and increase your efficiency.