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Due dates

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Due dates system

Due dates are another area where BubblesPlanner takes a simple approach.

To provide the most flexibility to users, BubblesPlanner breaks down tasks by its Due date into a series of “buckets”. They are:

  • Tab “Everything” – has all tasks and posts regardless of its due date.
  • Tab “This week” – contain tasks that have due dates are current calendar week including all past due dates.

Note:  Week start date is established in Settings and it determines its beginning and end of every week.

  • Tab “Next week” – contains all tasks with a due date following (next week from today) calendar week.
  • Tab “Week after” – contains tasks with due date in the week following after next week.
  • Tab “Someday” – contains tasks flagged for future scheduling.
  • Tab “Posts” – contains tasks with no due date.




Due dates timeline

The concept of buckets is simple. To understand it review a chart below. First three weeks in BubblesPlanner are considered the most important “Planning Horizon”.


The benefit to users is that the system keeps track of which task is in which bucket, and when the time is right, present it to you in your current week’s bucket. Another benefit is you don’t have to worry about forgetting to move a task. The system takes care of it automatically. 

The BubblesPlanner strategy for task management is to avoid arbitrary constraints. Buckets are one way it accomplishes that. Without these date constraints, you can use the power of the BubblesPlanner app to arrange your week with the greatest flexibility.


Posts vs. Tasks

If the task does not have Due date – it will become the Post.

Posts are like notes in Evernote designed to keep information in it and to be a part of the project, but they do not have any schedule assigned.


Due date can be edited any time later on existing task.

Any task can become a post by clicking on “Post” button and vice versa any post can become a task when the due date is assigned.