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Creating account

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Creating account

There is no better way to get started with any new tool than to roll up your sleeves and dive in. If you are ready this because you already have an account, head over to the tutorial to complete your Profile and establish other settings to serve as your defaults.

If you are reading this to see if you are interested, the first order of business is to access the app and create an account. You’ll find it here: http://run.bubblesplanner.com/  You know the drill. No sloppy passwords either. 

Password Requirements
  • Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length.
  • Be memorized; If a password is written down, it must be secure.
  • Must contain: at least one (1) character from four (4) of the following categories:
    • Uppercase letter (A-Z)
    • Lowercase letter (a-z)
    • Digit (0-9) …
    • Special character ( i.e. – “$” or “@”… )


That’s it! When you log in and create your profile, click on the BubblesPlanner icon in the upper left to go to the Task Management View described earlier in this tutorial. Click the blue + Add Task icon at the upper left to create your first Task or Post.

Congratulations! You are on your way to taming those unruly hordes of tasks, assignments, obligations, and to-do’s that have been giving you so many headaches. And, to become much more productive.