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Contextual Stickers

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About Contextual Stickers

BubblesPlanner uses a unique element called Contextual Stickers (Stickers) to help you further refine and identify the highest value tasks. Stickers add a “contextual value” to each task.  Do not get confuse Sticker final values with Effort Levels.


Creating the Contextual Sticker process was described in Settings section.  Here we go over the assignment, editing, and practical use of Stickers.

Contextual Stickers are service two functions

  • They provide the context of underlying activity (i.e. – home, errands, computer, office, waiting for…  etc.)
  • The contextual values assigned to every sticker are serving as the gauge for task importance in relation to your goals.

BubblesPlanner provides a large number of stock icons you can choose from when creating your Stickers. You can assign the Sticker a color, give it a title, and assign it a value between 1 and 9, where a larger number is more important.


About contextual values

Contextual Sticker is the icon assigned to the task. But, this is not just an icon. It has a value assigned to it on the same simple scale from 1 to 9. If Effort level is simply a factor of how much effort you will put in to resolve a particular task, Contextual values are how important the activity associated with the Sticker in relation to your goals.






By using Stickers and assigning Contextual values as intended, you will see what is more important to complete in the current week. It is especially useful when you have limited time and you want to spend on something that provides biggest impact. 

Tip: You may want to assign Stickers to key accounts, priority company objectives, strategic initiatives, and so forth. 

Stickers are displayed in the task list view. They add an additional visual reference element to help you prioritize your tasks. It is important to keep the number of Stickers created and used reasonably small, say between 30 and 40. If you create too many, they begin to lose their ability to convey value. 

View stickers in Tasks

Sticker is visible on the Tasks page and editable in the Organization tab of the task.


To edit contextual sticker:

  1. Select tab Organization
  2. Click on “+” Sticker icon


View Contextual values in Planner

Contextual values play a big role in the decision-making process. By understanding the level of importance assigned to the task you might make change the sequence of your task completion at any time.

If you have limited time and want to to know which tasks can provide you with biggest impact and move you further in achieving your goals, you can use contextual stickers.

Their values are reflected on Bubbles view on the Planner page:



View Final values in Planner

Also, by selecting “Final values” option you can see a calculated view of the total (final value):

Effort x Contextual value = Final value



As you can see in the screenshot above – the Final value of Task A was calculated at 18 points and subsequently, the relative size of the bubble increased.