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Assigned vs. sharing

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There is a distinction between Assigned and Shared users in BubblesPlanner. We separate them here into tow categories.

Assigned users

In BubblesPlanner, only one person can complete a task. This ensures ownership for each task and eliminates any confusion over who should be working on any particular item. By default, the person who creates the task is responsible for its completion and is the only person who can mark that task as Complete. 

The assigned user is the one who is assigned to the task.

However, it may not be realistic to expect the task creator to complete every task, so BubblesPlanner allows the creator to assign tasks to others.

A task can ONLY be assigned to a single person for the reasons noted above. Once a task is assigned, the assignee can work with and change most aspects of the task. Assignee, has read and write access to the task except for two things:

  1. An assignee cannot close the task
  2. Assignee does not have access to the “Organization” tab in the task. So, therefore they cannot change tasks organization (Label, tags, boards,.. etc).


Assignee section is clearly separated in the pop-up after you click in a task on “+ Assign & share” icon:



An assignee can modify and add content; they can add notes, they can create subtasks, and so forth. They are not able to change any of the Organizational details including, the Sticker, Due Date, Effort Level, Label, etc. Those modifications are reserved for the task’s creator. To make sure no Organizational element is changed, that tab is not visible in the Right Panel display the assignee sees.


Once the assignee completes the task, they communicate that to the creator about its completion. There are a few acceptable forms of communication:

  • Leave quick note
  • Communicate in task Chat
  • Update progress bar to 99%


After review, if the creator agrees, they can mark the task as complete. Only the creator of a Task can mark it complete. This is a management check and balance. It allows the creator final say once they are satisfied with the effort and results in completing the task.


Shared users

Sharing is beneficial when you want people to follow a particular task, Post, or Board. 

Shared users get READ ONLY access to shared tasks.  If the Board is shared users can access (read-only) to this Board and all tasks in the Board.

The owner keeps full control of shared tasks and Boards.

Shared users can read all the notes, view attachments, and see subtasks. They do not see any Organizational details. Shared users can interact via the group chat function.