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BubblesPlanner is the result of years spent in supply chain management (SCM) where I faced hundreds of tasks daily, all vying for my attention and action…making the complex task of SCM unnecessarily more complex and stressful.

BubblesPlanner is more than just another task/project manager. It delivers all that functionality plus it is a feature-rich collaboration, sharing, research, data presentation, scheduler, and knowledge base creation application. Within a single intuitive app, you can manage and optimize the entire scope of your job and home life.

If such a capable app sounds overwhelming or potentially too complicated, don’t worry. I have taken great pains to ensure the app is easy to learn, use, and master. I took special care to eliminate the things that frustrated me and limited my productivity while in the SCM world, making sure they were resolved or eliminated in the Bubbles Planner app. This is the app I wish I could have been able to use years ago.

Thank you for your interest in the Bubbles Planner app. We think it will transform how you manage the myriad tasks in both your work and home lives. While confident you will naturally find using our app easy, we are here to support you at every turn, if needed. So, read on and tame the unruly mass of competing priorities with our app.



Gennady Batrakov